Yacon Syrup review | Yacon Molasses Review

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Yacon Molasses isn’t just some sugar pill you take twice a day and trick yourself in to thinking you’re losing weight. The scientific weight behind this syrup is enough to convincingly back it up.

There have been numerous studies performed with Yacon syrup | Yacon Molasses. A TV doctor conducted a study consisting of 60 female volunteers that used Yacon syrup | Yacon Molasses for just four weeks, without making any other changes to their diets or exercise habits. Out of the 60 participants, 40 completed the trial. 29 of those 40 reported they had lost weight. 15 of those women lost at least 5 lbs in just four weeks. The average weight lost amongst the women sat around 3lbs with a reduction of waist size by about 2 inches.

Yacon Syrup review | Yacon Molasses Review

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Source: Yacon Syrup review | Yacon Molasses Review

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