How We Envy Those Naturally Slim People

We all know people who are just naturally slim, they never need to worry about their weight or having to diet and they certainly don’t worry about food. They have never been overweight, and they never will be.

These naturally slim people simply think in a different way to the rest of us – they don’t crave the wrong types of foods, eat too much of them, and they don’t see healthy food as some sort of punishment. They also don’t avoid exercise or see it as a chore – they naturally enjoy eating healthy foods, and they love exercise, or they barely think about these things at all. It is just a natural and normal part of their everyday lives.

Naturally Slim People Are Different

The only difference between these naturally slim people and the rest of us is in our mindset – which involves our beliefs and thoughts about ourselves, about food, and exercise. If these things are not working for us and instead causing us frustration and engage us in an ongoing struggle with our weight and food we need to make some changes.

It is because of the different thought processes deep in the subconscious mind of these people that they are naturally slim. How great would it be if we all could have these exact same patterns of thinking so we too could be naturally slim? We wouldn’t have cravings for junk food, or risk a binge eating frenzy and we wouldn’t always be trying to avoid exercise. Imagine how good it would be if we could lose the weight and keep it off this time… forever.

Well the good news is we can have this – we just need a mind software upgrade. This means we drop different thoughts, ideas, feelings and self-beliefs into our brain and just like seeds planted in the soil they take root and grow. As time goes by they continue to grow and intensify becoming more focused and positive propelling us towards our goal of permanent weight loss.

The most important factor that influences whether you lose weight or not is your attitude – whether or not that you believe – and keep on believing – that the changes you need to make with food and exercise so you can lose weight are worth doing. Think of it as ‘getting your head straight’ and once you have this key to success and you will wish you could have had it years ago and saved yourself a lot of personal struggle.

I have documented a roadmap on how you can have this reprogramming of your mind – your inner wiring so those old tired thoughts and self-beliefs are ‘fleshed out’ and changed so they no longer sabotage you time and time again. When you get out of your own way and get your mind working with you instead of against you weight loss with happen so easily and effortlessly that you will be astounded.

This will enable you to live your very best life in a body you are happy with.

How We Envy Those Naturally Slim People by Carolyn Hansen

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