Men’s Oily Skin problem – Causes and Effects

Today more than ever, men are beginning to pay much more attention to their appearance. A presentable outlook not only enhances ones social image and standing, it also boosts ones confident. The effects are long term and permanent. Being presentable is also a representation of having an overall healthy body. It is well documented that Men has 30% or more oily skin than women, thus men tends to have more oily skin related problem than women. There are several causes for oily skin that occurs in various parts of the body. The more important of them all is … of course the face.

Oily skin is caused by the sebaceous gland producing too much oil. It is most common among teenager to have oily skin due to the shift in hormonal levels, the skins usually gets drier when one aged. While common among teenager, Oily skin can however affects all ages, the main causes of oily skin are due to

  • Heredity
  • Diet
  • Artificial substance (i.e. cosmetics)
  • Hot and Humid weather

Oily skin will brings you acne,s pimples, large pores and blackheads. Acnes and pimples are caused by the infection from the surrounding dirt that is attracted to the oily skin. Oily skin will also block the facial pores and thus causing blackheads to develop. Large pores will also start to be visible once the acnes, pimples and blackheads are not properly dealt with. These are conditions that could affect the health of your face and affect your appearance, in some cases permanently.

Oily face will also caused embarrassment to oneself, affecting ones overall image. It will bring out the shine in your face and it is usually referred to as being lazy and “Dirty” in appearance. Imagine which date would want to give you a good night kiss on your oily face!?!?

Oily Skin do poses a lot of problems and will affect many men in particular. Whatever the underlying causes are for oily skin, the condition will continue until the cause has been treated or eliminated. It is a socially accepted norm in today’s day and age for men to pay more attention to your facial need. However having a dry skin has its own disadvantages such as wrinkles and peeling. Oily skin will ensure one age slower than those with a dry skin. That is why most men look younger than women of the same age naturally. It is therefore important to ensure that you maintain a balance natural oiliness in your skin to take advantage of both oily and non-oily conditions.

Men’s Oily Skin problem – Causes and Effects by Adam Able

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