How I plan to lose last few kgs | True weight loss journey |Weight loss journey 2020

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In today’s video on How I plan to lose last few kgs | True weight loss journey |Weight loss journey 2020, Mrs. Divya, who is pursuing her Ph.D shares her journey with diet and workout that helped her lose close to 20 kgs and regain her health.

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My diet plans:

Indian Keto Meal Plan – Veg and Non-veg
Indian vegetarian dietary recommendations to slowly switch to Keto lifestyle

Indian vegetarian dietary recommendations for teens and college students to lose weight

7-day high protein and high fiber dietary recommendations to accelerate weight loss

7-day Indian vegetarian dietary recommendations to balance hormones and reset metabolism
Phase 1:

Phase 2:
Keto without egg:
Keto with egg:

Phase 3:
Phase 4:
Phase 5:

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Almond Roti with palak paneer –
Cauliflower rice biryani –
Keto Upma and Keto Dosa –
Flax seed roti –
Low-carb roti –

Veg salad –

Keto curd rice and chia seed pudding –
Brinjal curry –
Broccoli soup –
Mushroom gravy –
Brinjal gravy and keto roti –
Amazon India: Measuring cups and spoons –;;
Kitchen digital scale:;;;
Body weighing scale:;;;;
Keto Shopping list:
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Keto Atta:
Almond flour:
Coconut flour:
Chia seeds:
Psyllium husks:
Flax seed powder:
Keto Coffee mix:
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