World's Tallest Pro Bodybuilder (Muscle Monster Documentary)

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World’s TALLEST Bodybuilder Aaron Reed does a SICK shoulders (and triceps) workout at the CriticalBench COMPOUND. There aren’t other guys as tall and thick and ripped as BIG AARON. He gets nasty with some HEAVY shrugs and HEAVY overhead presses. Aaron’s approach to lifting is much like Dorian Yates, the 6-time Mr Olympia champion. There may be taller guys out there who claim to be elite level bodybuilders but none of them are as monstrous and jacked as Aaron who stands at 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighs in over 300 lbs ripped to shreds.

Aaron has been lifting weights for over 20 years and has seen some serious mass gains in recent years with his NEW approach to lifting….super heavy, super low volume! Watch as his body swells up instantly after his insane shrugs and overhead presses. This guy works out HARD! Enjoy this badass workout with Mr SuperNatural himself.

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