Fat Burner Supplement Scandal (ACTUAL STORE FOOTAGE!)

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If you’ve shopped the supplement industry for any length of time you know that its suffered its share of scandals, particularly regarding fat burner and pre-workout supplements. What about the supplement stores themselves, and those working in them? Is this an even bigger part of the problem since their advice is supposed to be trusted and relied on when buying supplements?

In this video, an undercover reporter goes into a popular supplement store and asks for fat burners. Now this alone may not be that shocking, nor is the fact that he was sold the fat burning supplements. What makes this appalling in my opinion is that the customer is a young kid who happens to weigh 140 pounds standing almost 6 feet tall! Oh yeah, his body fat is well under ten percent.

There is no hesitation or questioning at all that takes place. He simply walks in and asks for help, admitting that he really doesn’t like to work out but is looking for fat burners. The sales person walks him right back to the strongest fat burner in the store and then shockingly recommends that he doubles the dose if he wants them to work really fast.

That is downright dangerous. It’s not helpful. It’s not advice. It’s most likely self serving, commission driven recommendations that shouldn’t be allowed or tolerated. And we wonder why the supplement industry gets a bad reputation?

Unfortunately, this type of stuff has been going on in supplement stores (and even online) for years. Growing up I was doled out more irresponsible supplement advice and reviews than I can remember. I went through a bunch of trial and error before learning what was truth and what was garbage. Sadly, there was very little of the former and quite a bit of the latter.

As I said, the same garbage happens online too. Have you ever visited a website that asks you to enter your desired weight and starting bodyweight to see if you are a “fit” for their product? Do me a favor and put in some absurd numbers like you’re 600 pounds and want to be 25 pounds. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are a perfect candidate for their fat burner supplement!

Meantime, if you want to read about the same blog series that Jesse referred to that started this whole thing – you can do so at http://athleanx.com/blog/nutrition/what-is-wrong-with-your-supplements

Enough of the nonsense. Time to clean it up. Time to start putting trust and truth back in supplements (and those who sell them). We’re doing our part at http://athleanx.com/athleanrx with the ATHLEAN-Rx Supplements.

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Source: Fat Burner Supplement Scandal (ACTUAL STORE FOOTAGE!)

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