Every Other Day Diet Review – The Honest Pros and Cons

If you are evaluating and considering the use of Jon Benson’s Every Other Day Diet (EODD) as your weight loss program, then you owe it to yourself to consider these pros and cons. Even though many programs work, not every diet plan fits every individual’s taste or preference. If the program you are following is one that you either don’t like or are having to fight to maintain it, it can sabotage your overall effort to lose weight. Finding a plan that has the right fit, then, becomes the most important aspect of achieving success.

This diet works by following a very simple concept: that you can eat whatever you want — even if its fattening and not viewed as being something one would eat on a diet — every other day just so long as you maintain the discipline of the rest of the diet. The plan allows you to feel as though you aren’t on a diet while, in fact, being on a diet. Just that little emotional push can mean the difference between success and failure.

In getting a handle on anything (like dieting and attempting to lose weight), any little aspect that produces a positive attitude about what one is endeavoring to accomplish can be a huge achievement in the greater effort to actually succeed at realizing the goal. Once a person begins to experience success with a program and begins to realize why that success is coming about, it acts as an encouragement to continue with the program. You become a believer, so to speak.

This is because the person has begun to internalize the causes for the success and realizes that doing anything other than what has brought success is only sabotaging their efforts. This in turn can create a fail-safe mechanism in the person’s thinking which helps to ensure that they stay on track with the program because they can see where it’s taking them: to the completion of their goal. And that’s enough incentive for anyone to decide to stay with a winning plan!

Let’s first take a look at the cons for the Every Other Day Diet.

1. You need to be dedicated to following the plan. Whenever you decide to make any kind of change in your life, you need to remain focused on making the change work. If not, you’re wasting your time. Period.

2. You need to be willing to do some form of exercise, preferably some sort of weight bearing program which will help transform fat into lean muscle. Yet, this need not take up a lot of your time. It just needs to be a regular part of your program.

3. You need to be reasonable in your assessment of how things are progressing while on the plan. This means not expecting to see big changes (losses in weight) quickly and becoming impatient. You didn’t get into “this shape” in a couple of weeks or months, so you can’t realistically expect to lose it all within that same time frame?

4. The EODD plan doesn’t come with a built-in exercise program to follow. It makes suggestions, but leaves the design of the exercise program up to you. You can purchase an exercise program that Jon sells in order to fulfill this deficiency (his 7 Minute Muscle product), but this is really not necessary. There are exercise regimens that are freely available on the Internet that will work with this program which you can take advantage of at no added cost.

Now let’s take a look at the pros (some of the benefits) of following the EODD.

1. It teaches you the how behind losing weight the right way. You learn how the body works in burning up excess calories and fat, and what you need to become aware of in order to maintain that synergistic effort throughout your lifetime while also maintaining your health and fitness.

2. It’s very simple to use. There’s no complicated or frustrating counting of calories. Just a straightforward program of diet information and recipes that you can start doing today!

3. You are allowed to eat your favorite foods, even if they aren’t diet worthy. This means you can have your pizza and burger days along side the disciplined meal plans.

4. You receive a full year of support for any questions you may have about executing the diet plan. Receiving support for any program, no matter what it is, can be a real game changer in terms of your success with implementing the program.

5. Included is a virtual trainer software which will show you how to perform exercises correctly.

All in all, the Every Other Day Diet plan is not only a reasonable plan for many people seeking to lose those extra pounds, it’s a simple and easy plan to follow. This plan also addresses follow-up aftercare by making it easy for the user to make the transition from the diet into an ongoing lifestyle change. When you can change the way you address food and health issues, you can keep the weight off for good!

Every Other Day Diet Review – The Honest Pros and Cons by Scott F. Fitzgerald

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