Do Silver Spinner Rings Reduce Stress?

A relatively recent concept in jewelry is that of the spinner ring. Silver spinner rings are designed in such a way that the middle portion of the band spins freely on the part that encircles the ring finger. It has been shown that wearing and using silver spinner rings can significantly reduce the levels of tension and anxiety in a stressful situation. Playing with the moving portion of the ring band gives the hands something to do and the repetitive motion helps to soothe and calm the mind. For those who use something to focus their thoughts before meditation, the rings provide a helpful tool.


Silver spinner rings are made of the finest quality jewelry grade silver. The designs on the spinning portion of the ring are numerous. Standard designs can include braiding, ropes, twisted braids, Celtic braids or knots as well as a brick or tile design. Spinner rings can also be smooth with no engraved patterns on the surface. Some ring designs features words either with a message to help in calming or as a reminder of something important in your life. Symbols on the rings run the gamut from dice to elephants to astrological and Christian symbols.


Many spinner rings are constructed of silver, not only because of its beauty, but because it is more likely to withstand the wear and rubbing than softer metals such as gold. Silver spinner rings are a thing of beauty and many people who see them do not realize that they have a dual purpose. For the spinner rings to be most effective, they must slide smoothly on the outer portion of the ring. If there is not a smooth spin, the wearer will be seen as tugging or twisting the ring rather than spinning the center portion only.


For those who practice the art of meditation, using silver spinner rings can be a very helpful tool. The moving portion of the ring helps to focus the mind while the fingers are also occupied in spinning the center band of the ring. As a tool, with training the wearer can simply sit quietly and focus of the words or symbols found on the face of the spinning band. Other sounds and activity can be tuned out so that a sense of calmness and serenity result. Because the ring is always with you, meditation techniques can be practiced anywhere you find yourself.

Stress Relief

At a somewhat different level, silver spinner rings can be used to provide stress relief. Because focusing on the moving symbols keeps the brain occupied, the mind is less able to go ricocheting off in a hundred different directions. Before snapping at a co worker or a child, a few seconds using the spinner ring will allow you to collect your thoughts and make a wise response rather than one that will escalate your stress. Repetitive hand and eye movements can be very soothing both to the ring wearer and to those observing the body language of the wearer.

Do Silver Spinner Rings Reduce Stress? by Sarah Carnagie

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