The Many Benefits of Vitamin C! #TipThursday

Charmaine Ironside, Calgary Fitness Expert, explains the benefits of Vitamin C that you may not know about, and the best ways to consume it! Most of us know that Vitamin C is great for immunity, we tend to take extra vitamin c when we feel a cold coming on to boost our immune systems to fight it off. But there is a lot of new research that is showing and proving that Vitamin C helps with anxiety and depression! It is proven to help you elevate your mood and have a better more stable day! A recommended dose is 2000-4000mg of Vitamin C per day, which would be 4 AOR Vitamin C capsules, which Charmaine uses. Other sources can be lemon juice in water, orange juice or other fruits!

Charmaine Ironside own two fitness studios in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and invites you to try a free session at either her Silver Springs or West Springs studio! Email us at to book your sessions or for any other questions!

Source: The Many Benefits of Vitamin C! #TipThursday

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