All About PABA – Learn What it is Used For and the Amazing Health Benefits of PABA!

Para-aminobenzoic acid, or as is more commonly referred to – PABA, is also known by the name of vitamin Bx. Although this nutrient is so known, it is not exactly a vitamin. PABA is contained in a form of folic acid. And folic acid being a B vitamin, thus PABA is a B complex factor (a co-factor).

The Actions of PABA

Paba occurs naturally in the human body. It is metabolized from good bacteria which are found in our intestines. The following are some of the actions of PABA in the human body.

• PABA assists in the creation of folic acid.
• It is an imperative constituent in the break down of proteins.
• Paba helps in the formation of red blood cells.
• It has potent antioxidant actions, as a result of which PABA is helpful in maintaining the health of body cells and skin.

The Therapeutic Advantages of PABA

Even though Paba is a natural presence in the body and has many useful benefits, it is not considered to be an essential nutrient. Here are some of the therapeutic benefits of PABA, which will help you to decide whether it should be considered indispensable or not.

1. PABA for the treatment of Peyronie's Disease: Peyronie's disease is a condition that affects the penis and causes problems and difficulties in penile erection. A study conducted on men with the peyronie's disease, who were given supplemental PABA for a minimum of three months, revealed some interesting facts.

Of all the studied patients, about 45% of the patients had significant reduction in general penile distress. 60% of the patients noticed a remarked reduction in the size of plaque, whereas 65% of the patients had considerable improvement in the angulations of the penis. Although much more research is required in this area, the initial findings do suggest that PABA can be a very effective treatment for peyronie's disorder.

2. Want to have a baby? Take PABA: Supplemental paba has also proved to increase the fertility in women. Although it is not entirely clear why this benefit occurs, it is believed that since paba helps in the production of folic acid, which is an important fertility booster, it too helps to make women more fertile.

3. Reverses graying of hair: One of the causes of hair fall and premature graying of hair is a deficiency of B vitamins. If you have lost hair, or if your hair has turned gray, you can bring it back to its normal pigment by taking paba supplements. However, this action of paba holds true only if your hair graying is a result of such a deficiency or because of stress.

4. PABA for your skin: Paba has antioxidant properties and also helps to reduce the damage caused by harsh sun rays. Because of this property, paba has found a place in many sunscreen products, which can help to lower the damage caused to your skin when outdoors.

Side Effects of PABA Supplementation

Skin rash, nausea, anorexia, diarrhea, vomiting, and fever are some of the side effects that have been reported with the use of paba supplements. These side effects are temporary however, and usually disappear on discontinuation of the supplements.

Tips On Choosing A PABA Supplement

• As the supplement industry is not regulated in the United States, you need to be careful while purchasing any kind of nutritional supplement. One way to ensure that you get a reliable product is to buy a PABA supplement that has been made by a pharmaceutical GMP compliant maker only.

• Do not buy any PABA supplement if it has sugar, silica, gluten etc as these are harmful fillers which are bad for your health.

• As there is a danger of PABA toxicity when taken in doses higher than 8 gm daily, look for a PABA supplement that contains the nutrient in a dose lesser than this.

Studies have shown that when different ingredients are blended together, they form a synergistic effect, which means the health benefits are multiplied many times over.

When you're out there looking for a PABA supplement, look for something that has many different vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, trace elements, flavonoids, herbal extracts and other specialty ingredients, because you know it WILL make a dramatic difference in your health.

All About PABA – Learn What it is Used For and the Amazing Health Benefits of PABA! by Henri K. Junttila

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