How to Buy The Best Camu Camu Powder

Before you buy the best Camu Camu Powder, you need to learn about where its from and what it is so you recognize a quality product. We will walk you through what it is in this article.

Camu Camu

“Prevention is better than cure” is a common phrase that is usually spoken by various health care experts while campaigning for a good health. And, this can only be attained by boosting the immune system so as to avoid occurrence of diseases.

Each of the fruits and vegetables has its own special collection of nutrients that are essential to maintaining a healthy human body and these are, unfortunately, inexpensive in nature. These two features allow both fruits and vegetables to become an effective solution to the world’s unrelenting concern over financial matter. There are just too many fruits that can be valuable substitutes for the costly artificial immune system boosters and one of the most preferred fruits is called the berry.

What is Camu Camu?

The berry is described in such a way that it looks more like of a grape fruit. Its skin is either red or purple while its flesh is almost whitish. Moreover, the berry also has seed that is very large in size. Based on observation, the taste of this berry is excessively sour that is why people do not eat it plainly. Even though people do not find the fruit as something that is most pleasurable to it eat plain, it is still commended for its attractive appearance and its very unique scent.

Where Does It Come From?

Camu camu is recognized by scientists with its scientific name Myrciaria dubia. This fruit comes from a small bushy tree that grows along the riverbanks within the rainforests of the countries such as Peru and Brazil. Camu camu berry became more admired as of the present that is why foreign markets also produce this one-of-a-kind nutritious fruit. Presently, this kind of berry has been found to be planted and collected in the forests of the Asian country, Japan.

What Are The Nutritional Benefits of Camu Camu?

Based on the studies made by many health-concerned scientists, the berry offers quite a lot of health benefits as it carries several kinds of nutrients. Some of the nourishing components of this superfruit are the following: protein, amino acids (leucine, valine, and serine), minerals (iron, calcium, and phosphorus), and vitamins (thiamin, niacin, and riboflavin).

Vitamin C- The berry did not earn its current popularity based on the variety of nutrients it possesses. In point of fact, people seek for this specific fruit because of the high concentration of vitamin C within it. The vitamin C supplements generated by pharmaceutical companies are less utilized by people since people have high regards on the good effects that can be provided by the superfruit.

Based on observations, the vitamin C that comes from the grape-sized fruit camu camu produces pleasing effects on one’s body. According to those who have consumed the fruit regularly, their body felt more animated upon eating the berry. Furthermore, their poor moods were uplifted and this is probably one of the good effects that can be attributed to the consumption of this specific fruit. Most importantly, camu camu’s ascorbic acid turned out to be very excellent when it comes to toughening up of the human’s immune system. With a sturdy immune system, occurrence of colds, flu, and other infections will be stopped.

Anti-cancer- Ascorbic acid is valuable when it comes to prevention of some types of chronic illnesses, which are based on having a poor immune system. Vitamin C, which is naturally found in camu camu, can act as an antioxidant unlike that of an artificial supplement. Human body will surely be more secured from cancer because vitamin C can fight off the free radicals lurking within the human body using its antioxidant property.

Antioxidant Property- As an antioxidant, the berry ascorbic acid constituent can fight off the free radical that targets the DNA of cells. Damage on this genetic component can lead to cancer and occurrence of the dreadful disease can be avoided using the power of the ascorbic acid.

Brain Protection- Furthermore, camu camu also provides defense for the brain, which can deter the threatening neurodegenerative diseases from taking place. Habitual intake of the camu camu berry may then improve the functioning of the brain to the fullest and it has been guaranteed that this would continue on for the whole lifetime of an individual. Some of the diseases that can be prevented by this nutritious fruit include Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia.

Blood Circulation Regulator- Camu camu is probably one of the most nutritious fruits that have ever existed with the sole function of fortifying the health of human beings. Among the many functions of camu camu, it has been found out that the fruit can also strengthen the health of the human body by maintaining a good circulation of the blood within the arteries and veins.

Camu camu has a very distinctive ability of evading the formation of plaques within the blood vessels (atherosclerosis). In addition, the fruit promotes flexibility of the arteries and veins, which leads to having a blood pressure that is within the normal range.

Mood Stabilizer- The human brain has its own mechanism concerning one’s mood and eating camu camu can be of great assistance since its vitamin C content has a way of stimulating the production of serotonin in the brain. Individuals who are still in the process of recovering from depression can eat this fruit even if he or she is undergoing the treatment with an antidepressant drug. Truly, no side effect may be witnessed while eating the fruit and continuing an anti-depression drug therapy.

Anti-inflammatory- Inflammation is a natural response of the immune system to damaging stimuli like foreign entities that invade a healthy human body. The inflammatory reaction does not only involve a certain area of the body but it also affects the whole body. This is more of systemic rather than local in nature as other parts of the body are also affected like the heart and arthritic joints. The vitamin C coming from this superfruit can oppose the inflammation with its natural anti-inflammatory property.

Camu camu cannot totally be used in dealing with the inflammation within the body. However, it is safe to add this nutritious fruit to the inflammation control regimen as prescribed by the health care professionals.

Herpes Virus Fighter- Camu camu contains phytochemicals in large quantities and studies show that these elements have the capability of handling the latent herpes virus in a human body. Herpes virus is normally inactive within the body and it will be only stimulated when a person continuously lacks sleep and is undergoing high level of stress. The effects of this virus may be controlled when the phytochemicals of camu camu enhance the immune system.

Camu Camu Supplements-

Camu camu berry comes naturally with various nutrients like vitamin C, amino acids, bioflavanoids, and other contents that are essential to human health. Companies produce supplements and they assure customers that they do not include additives that can harm a person. This kind of food supplement comes in the structure of:




How to Buy Camu Camu Powder

Camu camu berries are manufactured by companies (like Whole World Botanicals, Advantage Health Matters Inc., and others) into supplements so that it would be easier for the people to take in the superfood. However, the fruit undergoes a very complex procedure so as to produce a supplement that is highly-concentrated with the fruit’s very own set of nutrients.

In order to produce a supplement in capsule or powder form, the companies first preserve camu camu berry by storing it in a place with temperature that is above freezing point. The juice is extracted from the fruit and the fluid undergoes filtration so that the solid part will be completely separated.

The pure camu camu juice goes through desiccation within a vacuum that is set in a low temperature so as to protect the vitamin C content of the fruit. Lastly, the manufacturers add non-genetically altered product to keep the supplement stable.

How to Buy The Best Camu Camu Powder by Emily Hutchens

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