Vitamin A Benefits With Multivitamin Tips

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In this video I want to share some of the main benefits of vitamin A, and give you a few tips on shopping for a multivitamin.

The truth is the discovery of vitamins played a huge role in the advancement of human health. In 1747 we as humans figured there was something vital in foods that we needed to survive. Any ideas what discovery this was? Yep oranges, limes, lemons prevented scurvy on ships.

Vitamin A was uncovered around the early 1900’s due to humans being curious. This vitamin also goes by the name retinol, because it produces the color in the retina of the eye.

This is also why a common symptom of a deficiency would be having trouble seeing at night. Another one is dry eyes. In fact you could even go blind permanently if you are really deficient in this vitamin.

Another role it plays is with helping the skin and mucous membranes repel harmful germs. This plays a big role with your immune system. And another sign that you’re lacking in this vitamin would be dry skin and maybe a lot of acne. If that wasn’t enough this vitamin helps many organs work properly like kidneys and the lungs and stuff.

Sure you can get vitamin A through eating foods such as carrots and squash. Of course how many people eat a healthy diet. There is also something called soil depletion. Farmers want to make money. So they use chemicals to grow their crops faster and bigger and repel harmful bugs. This helps them make money, but lowers the nutritional value of a their crop.

Another idea is to get a quality multivitamin. 1 tip on what to look for would be enteric coating. Without enteric coating a lot of the nutrients in the supplement will get destroyed by stomach acid. For example I take a multivitamin with enteric coating and even with this coating 20% of the nutrients get destroyed. Without this enteric coating it would be a whole lot more.

A second tip I’m going to give is to buy from a company that uses GMP Compliant Manufacturing. This validates the quality from a third party.

There are tons of other ideas on making shopping for supplements and alternative medicine much easier. For example herbal remedies, how to save money on them and which ones you really should be taking.

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Source: Vitamin A Benefits With Multivitamin Tips

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