The Health Benefits Of Bilberry in Visi Products

Health Benefits of Arctic Cloudberry:

Known to inhibit the growth of human gastrointestinal pathogens
Strong anti-microbial properties. e.g. salmonella, staphylococcus
Rich in ellagitannins
Studies have shown Cloudberry to kill Giardia Duodenalis, an intestinal parasite in humans
Improves respiratory system
Immune health
Powerful antioxidant

Health Benefits of Lingonberry:

Help to prevent urinary tract infections
Effective in lowering cholesterol
Promote bone health
Helps to maintain healthy blood pressure
Good source of essential fatty acids
Powerful antioxidant
Rich in Flavonoids, most notably quercitin

Health Benefits of Bilberry:

Eye health
Helps regulate blood sugar levels
Helps lower blood pressure
Aids in digestion
Powerful antioxidant/anti-inflammation

Health Benefits of Viking Berry:

Fights against heart disease
Helps regulate blood pressure
Promote healthy urinary tract
Powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties
Aids in digestion
Strengthens memory function

The blackberry
Health Benefits of Arctic Brambleberry:

Supports heart health
Eye health
Helps regulate blood pressure
Support healthy blood circulation
Supports immune system
Supports memory function
Powerful antioxidant/anti-inflammation

Source: The Health Benefits Of Bilberry in Visi Products

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