Choline Benefits: How To Improve Your Health

Choline is nutritional supplement that can benefit you in a number of exciting and life-altering ways. One of the most common forms of choline available is choline bitartrate although there are others as well. Even though there are a number of choline food sources including eggs, beef and broccoli choline deficiency is still common in America and throughout the world. Symptoms of choline deficiency include insomnia, fat accumulation in the liver, memory impairment as well as a whole host of other devastating and completely reversable health problems. The benefits of choline are amazing and worthy of praise (or at least an epic poem). Choline is considered brain food because it aids and improves the development of the brain. It can even improve your memory and mental clarity by increasing the amount of acetylcholine that is made–as well as being an effective treatment for dementia and Alzheimer’s. It can also benefit your liver by helping you detox as well as being an effective treatment for people suffering from depression and anxiety. Choline can also exert a powerful effect on the development and reversal of cirrhosis and alcoholic liver disease. Whoever you are and whatever walk of life you’re from you can be benefited by this B-vitamin.

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Source: Choline Benefits: How To Improve Your Health

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