The Benefits of Vitamin A

The Benefits of Vitamin A

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The Benefits of Vitamin A (fat soluble)
• Required along with thyroid hormone for the conversion of cholesterol into all steroidal hormones
• Preformed vitamin A or retinal (an aldehyde form of retinol) is needed for the formation of rhodospin, or visual purple, light receptors in the eyes
• Stimulates growth of the base layer of skin and helps the skin with structural integrity
• Involved with laying down new cells, including bone, lung, teeth, skin and intestinal tract cells
• Needed for a healthy immune system by optimizing the function of white blood cells
• Needed to protect tissue from infection and in the repair process of tissue
• Needed for the absorption of calcium and the synthesis of protein
• Enhances recognition of food antigens by improving the antibody response
• Vitamin A from animal sources (retinoids) converts beta carotene to Vitamin A

• Too much beta carotene will be converted to estrogen and serotonin, which can be toxic
• Too much retinol can lead to slight swelling of brain causing pressure headaches
• Vitamin E deficiency, cortisone or cortisol, high iron, alcohol decrease the absorption of Vitamin A
• Deficiency in Zinc can interfere with the metabolism of vitamin A

– Liver, eggs, milk and cheese
The Benefits of Vitamin A

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Source: The Benefits of Vitamin A

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