Garden of Life Vitamin Code Vitamin E, 60 Capsules

vitamin e

As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin E assists the body in fighting oxidative stress and supports a healthy cardiovascular system. It is known for its free radical scavenging properties, helping your immune system to fight against the effects of free radicals. Determined to attack cell life in your body, free radicals may contribute to the weakening of the immune system.Vitamin Code RAW Vitamin E may be of benefit to individuals with digestive system problems where nutrients are poorly absorbed from the digestive tract. It may also benefit those wishing to support heart, breast, prostate, eye and immune health.
Nature-Intended Benefits: RAW, Healthy Heart, Immune System, Optimal Digestion, Breast & Prostate Health, Eye Health.
Provides a RAW probiotic and enzyme blend along with a RAW organic fruit and vegetable blend for additional nutritional support.
RAW, gluten-free, dairy-free and contains no binders or fillers
made with RAW Food-Created Nutrients

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Source: Garden of Life Vitamin Code Vitamin E, 60 Capsules

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