Are there vitamin supplements in homeopathy? – Dr. Surekha Tiwari

I believe that f you eat right you don’t need supplements. as the name suggests, they are supplements. They are not your main diet. They are micronutrients required in micro quantities. If you eat right then this can be achieved without any supplements. There are certain conditions where there has been a major loss and the recovery should be very quick for example excessive bleeding or very bad but of nausea and vomiting and the stomach is haywire, the will require their B12 to be reinstituted and those who have a very sedentary lifestyle and don’t do your exercises, we are almost seeing an epidemic of Vitamin D3. These things are all a part of your diet. Homeopathy corrects your absorption mechanism. It doesn’t give you any vitamins, it doesn’t give you any minerals. It can give you a better machinery to absorb your vitamins and minerals. For example if you have gastroenteritis and give a food rich n Vitamin B12, homeopathy can give a better digestion . Same is the case if you have any urinary infection or any problem with your iron machinery. If you are careful too supply your dietary calcium, homeopathy can give you a system that can use your nutrients better. Use homeopathy to use your food. But eat sensibly. Eat wholesome diets. All these fad diets don’t work. Have a balanced diet with all the 3 meals, have a lifestyle that supports your ailment, you will get better.

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