Teeth Whitening History – When Did the Obsession Begin?

Have you ever wondered when people became so conscious about their teeth? Teeth whitening history showed that it was as early as 3000BC that this started. History tells that people then made use of barbaric ways to clean their teeth and make them white. It was always mentioned that many, because of their general purpose of making the teeth sparkle and clean, knew different sorts of strategies to make their teeth white.

An Overview

As far back during the Egyptian and Roman empires, tooth whitening history tackled different kinds of whitening agents. People living in those days were able to arrive at a mixture of pumice stones and vinegar that was applied to their teeth using a “chew stick”. Based from these, several dentists were encouraged with the notion that teeth whiten with substances such as urine and ammonia.

Teeth whitening history time frame

Barbers were the first to do teeth whitening in 1800s as proven by teeth whitening history. This was done by two methods: filling the teeth down with a steel apparatus and drenching it with nitric acid, which makes the teeth shiny white.

Methods to whiten teeth range from a variety of options. Dentists could bleach the teeth through a therapy that could last only for an hour. There are also home remedies to choose from and dental products such as rinses and toothpastes that are available as well.

It is good to know that tooth whitening history gives information on the importance of recognizing potential problems in health and hygiene. Everyday, people are becoming more conscious about their health and their looks. As what has always been agreed in different articles and writings, having a sweet smile is only possible with shiny, clean white teeth.

Teeth Whitening History – When Did the Obsession Begin? by Jayden Ballentine

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