The Dangers Of E-Cigarettes: Is Vaping Safe?

I’ve been getting a few messages from new vapers wondering about the safety of e-cigarettes so I decided to put together this video where I assess the dangers of e-cigarettes and try to answer the question “is vaping safe?”.

In this video I’ll also explain how I came to the conclusion that I ended up coming to about the safety of e-cigarettes and I’ll tell you why I choose to vape over smoking traditional cigarettes.

Keep in mind that I’m (obviously) not a doctor or a scientist or anything like that – these are just my personal opinions.

The two referenced studies within this video can be found below.

The study by can by Professor Igor Burstyn can be found here:

The lecture on e-cigarettes by Dr Lynne Dawkins can be found here:

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Source: The Dangers Of E-Cigarettes: Is Vaping Safe?

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