Trying a SUPERFOOD SMOOTHIE (subscription box) ! – Kristina Dapaah Vlogs [#82]

I tried a superfood smoothie subscription box (REVIVE SUPERFOODS) and here are my thoughts. I make smoothies all the time, but this was my first time trying a convenient box .

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My family and I are embarking on a journey to do DAILY (kinda) VLOGS. I was inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk while watching a video where he reinforced the ease of documenting over creating. I have wanted to be a YOUTUBER for about 8+ years now and could never get into the flow of creating videos. I run a blog and IG account that I have always focused on, but this year (2019) I want to invest in my YOUTUBE channel and the easiest way for me to think to do this is to VLOG EVERYDAY (M-F).

I hope you watch. I hope you enjoy!


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