Superfood Smoothie Taste Test…

Series #1 Episode #1.

For this Swiss Bytes challenge we are drinking our own recipe Superfood Smoothie. Julian struggled a bit with this one, I think it was the Garlic… If you want to try it for yourself the full ingredients are listed bellow, the non vegan ingredients will be marked n/v, enjoy!

Superfood Smoothie Ingredients:
2 x Pollen Tablets n/v
3 x Hydrolysed Fish Collagen Tablets n/v
One Raw Egg n/v
One Pukka Cleanse Tea Bag (contents only not bag)
30g Cashew Nuts
30g Pumpkin Seeds
One Urban Wheatgrass Sachet
Half Teaspoon Of Turmeric
One Large Garlic Clove
Chunk Of Ginger (a little bigger than garlic clove)
Two Asparagus Stems*
One Or Two Broccoli Tops
A Ten Centimetre Stem Of Celery
A Large Handful Of Kale
One Okra Pod
200g Frozen Berries (blackcurrants, redcurrants, blackberries, strawberries)
50g Puffed Brown Rice
Top Up To Fill Line With Mineral Water
*Make sure all vegetables are washed thoroughly.

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