my healthy green smoothie! | Model Diet


Hey guys!
First of all, i’m fully aware my jacket says B.U.M and i love it (also i looked up the brand and Rihanna approves so i approve) haha anyway…

I thought this video would be something lots of people would be interested in! I usually have this smoothie for breakfast a lot of the time (especially if i wake up late and its close to lunch time)

It’s a great way of getting lots of nutrients into your body (and it’s perfect if you hate salad)

You could have this smoothie either as breakfast/ with a small breakfast or maybe after a workout!

I think a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that just because it’s a drink there isn’t a lot of calories/ food in it but when you look at how much i’m actually putting in you can see how much! Take into account the amount if you’re eating it with something else. A lot of people think they’re eating healthily by having a smoothie with their food which is correct but if you think that having one with your meal will help you lose weight, then you’re wrong- you’re essentially having two meals!!!

Anyway, let me know if anyone tries this recipe out! I never thought i’d ever like a green smoothie but i really enjoy this!!

Love you all!


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