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This is my Powerlifting Journey. Training with only the best equipment available in my Garage Gym. And stay tuned for In depth Product Reviews.

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Training Maxes:
Squat: 505 lbs
Bench: 315 lbs
Deadlift: 555 Lbs

Garage Gym Equipment (this list is always changing)
Rogue Fitness RM-6
Rogue Fitness AB-2 Bench
Rogue Abram Fitness GHD 2.0
Rogue Fitness Reverse Hyper
Rogue Ohio Power Bar
Eleiko Men’s Competition Barbell
EliteFts Safety Squat Bar
Black Widow Training Gear Muliti Press Bar
Okie Deadlift Bar
Ivanko Rackable Curl Bar
Ivanko OMEZ-H
Rogue Fitness Competition Bumper Plates
Again Faster Games Box
Rogue Fitness Deadlift Jack
Edge Fitness Systems Monolift
Rogue Fitness Monolift
Sorinex Safety Straps
Sorinex Trigger Bar
Spud Inc Tricep and Lat Pulley
Rogue Fitness Dumbbells
Rogue Version 2 Gun Rack
Sorinex War Hammer
Lock Jaw Collars
Mobility Wod SuperNova
Rumble Roller
Hyperice Knee and Elbow
Inzer Lever Belt
Rehband 7084 Knee Sleeves
SBD Knee Sleeves

Filming Equipment:

Canon EOS 70D
Sigma f1.8 18-35 mm
Microsoft Movie Maker

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