Migraine Relief, Ketosis & Insulin Resistance w/ Elena Gross, PhD

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Emerging data hints that migraines can emerge from low energy states in the brain. Elena Gross, PhD explains more!

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————————————– Key Timestamps———————————-

03:25 It was known that there is a link between energy metabolism and migraines.. Pharma is most times a monotherapy, targeting one pathway.
04:06 Migraine is a multigenic disorder. Chronic civilization diseases don’t have one target.
05:30 Your migraine continues after the pain is suppressed with triptan drugs.
05:57 Migraine vaccines target one neuropeptide that is involved in pain transmission. It does not look at the root cause of migraine.
08:31 Migraines are an energy deficit syndrome, an adaptive response to a severe energy crisis in the brain that can be triggered by oxidative stress levels being too high or hypoglycemia/hypometabolism.
08:48 Between attacks, a migraineur’s brain has 20% less ATP on average than a healthy person.
09:14 Migraineur brains have increased oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction.
11:51 Your genetic phenotype may be more susceptible to migraines because of your inherited metabolic milieu.
12:38 There is an ancestral advantage to having a hyperexcitable brain.
14:35 Blue light is increases oxidative stress in the eye and through your skin to your mitochondria of even in healthy individuals. Increasing oxidative stress in the mitochondria means you are making less ATP.
15:42 When your brain is in an energy crisis, it turns on the migraine as an alarm, forcing you to rest.
17:09 You still have an energy deficit in your brain when you take triptans and potent pain killers for a migraine attack to override your body’s warning signal.
17:30 Migraineurs have a higher risk of depression.
18:07 Migraine risk goes down dramatically in diabetics.
19:24 There is evidence to suggest that a migraineur turns insulin resistant. It may not be the cause of migraine, but an act of preservation of glucose for the brain.
20:03 Migraine triggers are related to oxidative stress increase.
20:11 Teen girls who take oral contraceptives develop migraines 6 months to a year later, or they existing migraines worsen.
21:11 Premenstrual migraine happens when estrogen plummets.
23:37 Migraineurs often have a delayed insulin response, first sending too little insulin and then too much.
25:23 If you still have migraines on a low carb diet, try taking out dairy and gluten. It this still does not work, try ketosis.
25:41 Ketone bodies are signaling molecules that can reduce hyperexcitability via a number of mechanisms.
26:04 Ketosis also increases mitochondrial biogenesis. More mitochondria should translate into more energy.
26:16 Ketones reduce oxidative stress.
27:10 If your liver isn’t making enough ketones or you are stressed with high cortisol levels, you can add BHB exogenous ketones, like a ketone body salt.
28:53 Exercise is one of the most potent migraine triggers.
31:05 In a study, migraineurs had glucagon resistance.
35:39 A migraine attack can sometimes be aborted at the beginning with high dose BHB exogenous ketones with magnesium.

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