Meal Replacing Green Smoothie | Sona Manukian | Healthy By You

It’s green smoothie time everyone! This is another one of my meal replacing smoothies for weight loss. I make this exact recipe at least a couple times a week and replace my lunch or dinner with it. This little trick really helps me stay in shape and feel energized throughout the day.

I know the color may be a little off-putting but don’t be fooled this green smoothie is seriously amazing. I used half an avocado and an entire cucumber for their amazing fat burning abilities. I also added a handful of almonds for some protein and for sweetness a kiwi and some pineapple. So trust me this recipe is delicious and equally as healthy with all the amazing leafy greens.

You can use as much spinach and lettuce as you want, however go easy with the mint it may be too strong in large amounts. Replace one of your meals during the day with this amazing smoothie and watch the magic happen!

Enjoy everyone and remember any meal can be made healthy by you.

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