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Using a wide assortment of anti-aging probiotics and enzymes, Truth Calkins shows us how to create a coffee-flavored smoothie, the “De-Stress Healthucinno”. Using Dandy Blend for coffee flavor and Stevia for sweetness, this drink will aid in digestion, anti-aging, and battling stress.

4 oz. ice
12 oz. structured water
1 teabag gynostemma tea
1 tbspn Body Ecology Vitality SuperGreens: http://bodyecology.com/the-immune-system-vitality-supergreen.html
¼ tsp Body Ecology Potent Proteins: http://bodyecology.com/weight-management-potent-proteins.html
1 tbspn Mesquite Powder
1 tbspn Genesis 4 Fiber
2 tbspn Dandy Blend
1 tbspn Raw Whey Protein
3 capsules Body Ecology Ancient Earth Minerals: http://bodyecology.com/detox-nutrtitional-supplement-ancient-earth-minerals.html
1 capsule Body Ecology Assist SI: http://bodyecology.com/digestive-enzymes-assist-si.html
3 capsules Body Ecology Assist Full Spectrum: http://bodyecology.com/digestion-aids-gas-and-bloating-assist-full-spectrum-enzymes.html
¼ tsp Reishi
¼ tsp Eleuthero
¼ tsp Pearl
3 capsules Bupleurum and Dragon Bone
1 tbspn pumpkin seed oil
1-3 squirts Body Ecology Stevia: http://bodyecology.com/sugar-substitue-stevia-liquid-concentrate.html

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