Dr. Tuan's Berry Green Smoothie For Cardiovascular Health & Energy

Bill “The Flavor Guy” introduces Dr.Tuan Lam, cardiovascular & thoracic surgeon, and advisor to The Flavor Guy and Nature’s Flavors. Dr. Tuan shows us his super green drink, which consists of plenty of greens and healthy ingredients. Dr. Tuan makes this drink everyday for breakfast and lunch and has helped him lose weight, save time, and most importantly, promote cardiovascular health. He’s observed that inflammation is probably one of the leading causes of cardiovascular disease, so he’s begun a journey for awareness beginning with this drink.

Ingredient list:
1. Baby organic kale, chard, and spinach
2. Organic blueberries
3. Super Green Mixture consisting of:
– Maqui berry powder
– Camu Powder
– Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds
– Chia seed
– Baobab Powder
– Cacao powder
– Amazing Grass Green Superfood powder
– Green Foods Magma Plus
– Spirulina
– Matcha green tea powder
– Moringa leaf powder
– SweetenFX
4. 1 Whole Orange
5. 1/2 lime
6. Honey

The amount of ingredients used is up to your liking and there is no exact measurements. It is important to get in all the greens and blueberries and promote a healthy eating habit. Roughly half the smoothie by volume is the greens, followed by the green mixture, 1 whole peeled orange, 1/2 lime, honey to sweeten to your liking, and fill the rest with blueberries. Follow it up with ice and fill with water. The green mixture is roughly 2-3 teaspoons of each ingredient listed.

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