Destroy Herpes with a powerful green smoothie drink

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If you guys want to do some major damage to the herpes parasite, I highly recommend you guys to drink this green smoothie drink daily. It has no taste, but that is not what’s important, what matter is that you’re attacking these little suckers. The benefits include alkaline the body, revitalizing your cells, helps to starve herpes, ( Some of you may experience an outbreak after drinking this drink because your help your system to attack it by giving it the nutrients that it needs) If you experience outbreaks after drinking this recipe, don’t be alarm, continue drink it daily, it is better to be adding the right plant base and fruits into your body then to be eating bad!! Do you remember experiencing major outbreaks when you use to eat meat and process food, or perhaps barely didn’t experience any outbreaks at all? Many you didn’t get daily outbreaks, you had occasional outbreaks! The reason why your outbreaks weren’t major was that you guys were essentially feeding it!!!! The acidic food complements the herpes environment. Take some time to contemplate this for a moment. If you had a strange stranger living in your house and you gave him or her everything they wanted, would they cause trouble to your house? No, because they are satisfied. And the only time they may cause trouble is if someone is bothering them. That is the same thing with herpes, you guy eat all of this shit that makes herpes satisfied and the reason why you get outbreaks is that your immune system is fighting back!! Fighting to get your body back!

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