Brother Nature 2: Superfood Pipeline Smoothie!

Get a closer look into the daily life of the Smith Brother’s as Koa competes in his first event in 7 months at da pipeline. If you wanna try our superfood smoothie recipe read below 🙂

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Episode 1:

Come visit us at the Sunrise Shack on Oahu’s North Shore and Waikiki.

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Pre-Warm up Superfood Smoothie by Travis
-2ish cups of Blue berries (our fav superfood)
-1 or 6 TBS Laird Coconut creamer
-1 scope BareBlends greens powder (essential nutrients)
-2 TBS Organic Hemp seeds (healthy protein and fat)
-1 Scoop Organic Plant based Protein Powder
-1/2 TBS MCT oil (brain health/Focus)
-A swig of Health-Ade Kombucha (Digestion & Energy) (
-3000 MG’s of MedTerra CBD oil (

Special thanks to our sponsors and Gabe Casewell for putting this video together.

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