Being Berta's E3Live Superfood Smoothie!

Being Berta’s Easy and Delicious Superfood Smoothie!
Roberta Walker is a former pro-snowboarder, owner of Infamous Athlete Management, clothing designer, creative director, yoga teacher, health/eco advocate (and more). She shows you how to make a Superfood Smoothie using #E3Live, #BlueMajik and #Maca ! You can follow Roberta’s travels, life, find recipes, nutrition tips, kitchen tips and tools, restaurant reviews, travel advice, and more on her blog @beingberta #superfoodsmoothie @solraizorganics
Being Berta’s Superfood Smoothie
1 cup hemp seed milk (or any nut/seed milk)
2 cups spinach
1 chopped frozen banana
4 fresh figs chopped in half/stems removed
1 T E3Live (or more)
1 t Maca
1/4 t Blue Majik
Blend and enjoy!

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