24 Leafy Greens You Can Put Into a Green Smoothie And Salad

Rotate your greens! Sergei Boutenko discusses 24 commonly found greens you can use in green smoothies, fresh juices, and salads. Kale and spinach are awesome in a green smoothie, but there is a lot more variety out there. If you’re a true greenie, you need to know about these other leafy vegetables. In this YouTube video, Sergei also addresses the importance of rotating the ingredients that go into your green smoothies.

The greens discussed in this video are:
1.) Spinach
2.) Purple kale
3.) Green kale
4.) Dinosaur kale
5.) Collard greens
6.) Mustard greens
7.) Turnip greens
8.) Green onions
9.) Baby bok choy
10.) Bok choy
11.) Cabbage
12.) Beet greens
13.) Swiss chard
14.) Green-leaf lettuce
15.) Red-leaf lettuce
16.) Romaine lettuce
17.) Butterhead lettuce
18.) Italian parsley
19.) Parsley
20.) Cilantro
21.) Basil
22.) Dandelion greens
23.) Fennel greens
24.) Wheat grass

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