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Description: The most powerful health anxiety affirmations on YouTube for releasing your symptoms of anxiety. Listening daily will begin the desensitization process towards shifting your perspectives when symptoms of anxiety arise. During this process the emotional charge will subside. When this happens the person going through health anxiety will be able to turn their focus onto the neutral and pleasant sides of what’s in the environment, rather than associating things to danger.

These anxiety affirmations for your symptoms of anxiety are NOT a substitute for professional help for anxiety disorders. Please make sure to work closely with your doctor and or therapist for your anxiety disorder.

The health anxiety affirmations in this video are accompanied by powerful Theta brainwave frequencies to bring about a calming feeling in the listener. This will create access to the subconscious mind to easily and effortlessly absorb each and every affirmation for anxiety, and help to shift your perspective when symptoms of anxiety arise again.

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