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The official release trailer for Enhanced 2 The Max has dropped just hours before the film is released across the world. If you want to be one of the first to watch it – you can pre-order it right now on all major digital platforms right here.

Tony Huge has been called many things. A doctor, a revolutionary, a madman, a dangerous criminal. When the original Enhanced documentary released to the world – his methods came under further scrutiny. Tony Huge thinks his underground science experiments of performance enhancing drugs are a benefit to mankind. Many believe the opposite – his information is misleading, inaccurate, and dangerous.

That’s why Tony Huge returns in the sequel documentary, Enhanced 2 The Max, in an attempt to prove himself not through words but through his very own actions and experiments. Become a fly on the wall as Tony takes five volunteers and puts them through rigorous drug-filled experiments in an attempt to vindicate his name, his methods, and prove to the world that these PEDs should not be illegal.

Will Tony Huge’s experiments prove the world wrong? Or will he simply reveal the fallacy of his experiments in comparison to real scientific practices? Watch Enhanced 2 The Max tomorrow to find out.

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