Anxiety and Frequent Urination – Explained!

There are plenty of annoying anxiety symptoms and the frequent urge to urinate has to be on of them. For some of us suffering from this their thoughts might convince them that they are suffering from, diabetes, bladder or prostate cancer but actually it is a very common anxiety symptom.

Of course it is like having this constant need to go and pee. You could of just went to the restroom and then find yourself having the urge to go right back there after. For me it got so bad that it felt like my bladder was about to explode but then when actually going to the restroom there wasn’t much to urinate at all.

This feeling can come and go, only happen when feeling panic or be very persistent and you have to deal with it daily.

In this video i will explain where this sensation comes from and how anxiety can make us feel like we are losing control over out bladder.

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