10 ANXIETY symptoms you NEED to know (2018)

10 ANXIETY symptoms you NEED to know so you can spot this signals your body is telling you. Anxiety disorder effects about 40 million people in the United States, and about 6 million people in the Uk. This is a massive number of people who’s lives are impacted by anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorders like social anxiety symptoms can effect people in a number of ways, 10 of which I point out in this video and I throw a few facts about anxiety disorder in there to help you learn a bit more about this condition. It isn’t just one type of person who is susceptible to anxiety disorder, it can affect any one at any time.

There is less known information about the cause of anxiety disorder, but we do know that certain things we can do that can help relive anxiety and help some one who lives with anxiety disorder cope with the symptoms.

This video outlines just the symptoms of anxiety disorder, and I advise everyone who has these if you have not already take a trip to your doctor to seek help for anxiety.

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