4 simple brain hacks to overcome performance anxiety

In this podcast I’m sharing four simple brain hacks, and I really do mean simple, to overcome performance anxiety.

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Please note, this is an audio podcast, here for your convenience – the video portion is static. If you would like me to make a whiteboard video of the four hacks, subscribe and message me.

I’ve been prompted in part, because of the responses I have been receiving about a little video I made just over a year ago now. (https://youtu.be/gmwiJ6ghLIM) It’s entitled Your Brain on Stress and Anxiety, and it’s garnered just shy of a hundred thousand views on YouTube alone now. Which is incredibly humbling, but also a little concerning. Humbling because it makes me somewhat proud that a little whiteboard video I drew and produced has been watched quite so many times just on YouTube. But it has also been a little disturbing.

If you read some of the publically visible comments, you’ll get an idea of the types of questions I’ve been getting over the past year from those who are suffering from stress and anxiety. Some very serious stress and anxiety as well.

So, a quick caveat if I may. I am not a medical doctor and, if you are suffering from long-term stress or anxiety, please do seek professional help.

The four simple ways I am sharing today will help anyone with any degree of stress and anxiety, but I am focused more on people in business or work who suffer stress and anxiety because they are about to perform in front of others.

That does not mean that these simple ways won’t help whenever you feel anxious, they will. So use them.

And if you have yet to watch my little video, you should do so now or later, and whilst you’re over at YouTube, subscribe to my channel as well and do please share with at least 3 people you know will benefit from learning there.

Back to today. 4 Simple brain hacks to overcome performance anxiety….

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