Quit Smoking Facts, Best Way to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey?

One of the most controvertial quit smoking facts is the debate over the quit smoking cold turkey method. Dose it provide a realistic and viable ways to quit smoking for the long term? Or is the best way to quit smoking long term far less uncomfortable and unpleasant?

The quit smoking facts are that the following three methods have proven to be the most unsuccessful in the long term.

Quit Smoking Facts on Is the Best Way to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey?

Some people swear by this approach. The “Just Do It” way to stop smoking has gained more credibility in recent years. The spontaneous approach of about 85% of smokers who try to quit, actually quit smoking cold turkey with no aids or support.

However, the quit smoking cold turkey ways to quit smoking have been shown to be far less effective than the recommended stop smoking aids like nicotine replacement patches and gum, and behavioral counselling.

The problem is that, for most people who quit smoking cold turkey, nothing changes except the smoking. Daily routines are still the same, ways of coping with stress and frustration are still the same, and the body’s dependence on nicotine is still the same.

With all these powerful triggers to deal with throughout the day, it’s no surprise why most people relapse within just 3 days after trying to quit smoking cold turkey.

The “Cutting Back” Way to Quit Smoking

Many smokers believe that the best way to quit smoking is just cutting back on the number of cigarettes is enough to avoid the dangerous health problems associated with smoking. It just doesn’t work that way. It’s one of the well known quit smoking facts that there is NO safe level of smoking.

Like with quit smoking cold turkey, over time, most people go back to smoking their regular amount anyway. Their nervous systems have adapted to expect a certain level of nicotine to be maintained in the body.

Reducing the amount of nicotine smoked, without help from nicotine replacement therapies, will trigger overpowering cravings for nicotine to be restored to its ‘comfort zone’ levels.

These ways to quit smoking involve cutting back without support, from nicotine replacement therapy for example, and are not generally as successful as the best way to quit smoking : using nicotine replacement therapy, other medication like Zyban, and behavioral counselling and support.

Quit Smoking But Make No Other Changes

It’s another one of the quit smoking facts that smoking is a behavioral habit, a familiar practice with many behavioral associations for each smoker. Therefore, the more changes to your daily habits and routines you make when you quit smoking, the more of these associations you are likely to break, leaving you with fewer reminders in your daily life of your past smoking habit.

Put simply, your chances of quit smoking success will be very low if you just quit smoking cold turkey and make no other changes to your daily routines.

Quitting smoking is a total lifestyle change and also a life saving decision – get organised, get help, find the best way to quit smoking for you, and get it right!

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