Quit Smoking Benefits, the True Benefits of Quitting Smoking

The quit smoking benefits experienced by people who stop smoking are dramatic and wide ranging. But one of the major benefits of quitting smoking must be eliminating the risk of death from lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, emphysema, etc.

Smokers who quit feel proud of themselves for breaking the addiction. They can say goodbye to cigarette stains on their fingers, hacking coughs and the smell of stale cigarette smoke on their clothing. Ex-smokers experience an improved sense of smell and taste.

Stop smoking as early as possible to enjoy the maximum benefits of quitting smoking. But the quit smoking benefits at any age provide meaningful and far reaching improvements to health.

If you quit by the time you’re 35 years old, you’ll enjoy a longer life expectancy than smokers of about 7 to 8 years, and more if you quit when you’re younger. Smokers who quit at 55 years old can expect an extra 1 to 2 years of life.

Quit Smoking Benefits Over Time

Even after just 20 minutes you should start to experience the initial benefits of quitting smoking:

  • Blood pressure decreases.
  • Pulse drops to normal.
  • Hands and feet may feel warmer.

Quit smoking benefits after 8 hours:

  • Nicotine levels in blood reduce by half.
  • Carbon monoxide levels in blood return to normal.
  • Oxygen levels in blood return to normal.

Benefits of quitting smoking after 24 hours:

  • Cilia in the lungs start to clean out the tar in mucus.
  • Chances of a heart attack begin to decrease.

Quit smoking benefits of stop smoking after 2 days:

  • Nicotine is eliminated from the body.
  • Damaged nerve endings start to re-grow.
  • Senses of taste and smell are greatly improved.

Benefits of quitting smoking after 4 days:

  • Energy levels improve.
  • Breathing improves with relaxation of bronchial tubes.

Between 2 weeks and 3 months:

  • Blood circulation improves.
  • Lung function improves.
  • Exercise becomes easier.

After between 3 and 9 months:

  • Breathing problems such as coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath improve.
  • Lung function increases by up to 10%.
  • Sinus congestion improves.
  • Suffer from fatigue less.

Benefits of quitting smoking after a year…

  • Risk of heart disease and lung cancer continues to fall.

After 5 years.

  • Risk of heart attack falls to half that of a non-smoker.
  • Risk of stroke reduced to that of people who have never smoked.

After 10 years:

  • Risk of lung cancer falls to half that of a smoker.
  • Risk of oral cancer, throat cancer, esophageal cancer, cancer of the bladder, kidney, and pancreas decreases.
  • Risk of ulcers decreases.

Quit smoking benefits after 15 years:

  • Risk of heart disease is now similar to that of people who have never smoked.
  • Risk of death returns to nearly the level of people who have never smoked.

More Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking builds confidence. Once you have overcome the considerable challenge of quitting, you will start to believe that you can succeed with difficult tasks and take more control of your life.

Fitness improves when you quit smoking. Smoking raises your blood pressure and makes it harder to exercise, reducing the benefits to your body. Smokers are prone to more colds and viruses than non-smokers and take longer to recover from illness.

Quitting smoking can result in a ‘pay rise’ of about $1,000 a year or more from the savings you make.

The appearance of your skin will improve as you reap the many health giving quit smoking benefits.

Problems with impotence will improve as the damaged blood vessels in the penis repair themselves over time. Sperm density and quality will also improve over time.

Family members health will also improve as your second hand smoke disappears. Babies are less likely to suffer from bronchitis and pneumonia, and are at a higher risk of cot death. Children are less likely to suffer more frequent and severe asthma. There can be no argument that these quit smoking benefits are clearly worth taking very seriously if you’re a smoker.

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