Free Nicotine Patches to Help You Quit Smoking – Suffering Emphysema TV ad for more information on how to get your free nicotine patches to help you stop smoking.

The health benefits of quitting smoking start almost as soon as you quit:

Within 20 minutes, your blood pressure and pulse drop to normal and your body temperature in your hands and feet increase to normal.

After 8 hours, carbon monoxide levels in the blood drop to normal and your oxygen level increases.

After 24 hours, your breath, hair, and body stop smelling like smoke. Your chance of a heart attack decreases.

After 48 hours, your nerve endings recover. Your sense of taste and smell improve.

After 72 hours, the nicotine is out of your body. Bronchial tubes relax, making breathing easier.

After 2 weeks to 3 months, your lungs can hold more air. Exercise becomes easier and your circulation increases.

After 1 to 9 months, coughing, congestion, fatigue and shortness of breath decrease. The cilia (tiny hair cells) in your lungs regrow, which cleans the lungs and helps prevent infections. Overall, your body energy increases.

After 1 year, your risk of coronary heart disease is cut in half.

After 5 years, your risk of a stroke is reduced to that of a non-smoker.

For more information and quit smoking tips, visit or call the California Smokers’ Helpline at 1 800 NO BUTTS (1 800-662-8887).

Source: Free Nicotine Patches to Help You Quit Smoking – Suffering Emphysema TV ad

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