Paul McKenna – Change Your Life in 7 Days (Guided Hypnosis)

Change Your Life in 7 Days: The World’s Leading Hypnotist Shows You How – Paul McKenna PHD. Powerful guided meditation (with Binaural Beats to take you into a deep meditative state) teaches you to program the worlds most powerful bio-computer – your brain. Paul McKenna’s simple seven-day system really will change your life for ever.

Binaural Beat 4.0Hz — Present in dreaming sleep, deep meditation, hypnosis, storehouse of creative inspiration, spiritual connection, subconscious mind; creative insight, twilight (“sleep”) learning, vivid mental imagery. Found in advanced meditators.

Background Binaural Beats available for free

WARNING: This hypnosis is EXTREMELY POWERFUL and induces altered states of consciousness, do not listen while driving or operating machinery, listen only when you can relax completely.

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