Making a vinegar tincture (Lobelia) Quitting smoking

Want to stop smoking now, so when the SHTF you aren’t trading food for nicotine? Lobelia has been known to help. If you are serious about quitting, then look into this herb. It is a herb that is used for asthma, croup, whooping cough, breaking up mucus to help expel it, and stopping the cravings to smoke. Warning: This herb is very strong and should be used with caution. Along with the benefits on the respiratory system, its known to help ringworm, bug bites and muscles swelling. How can you take it? You can make a tea, tincture, capsule it, etc. If you are thinking of taking this herb, please educate yourself on the properties and chemical compounds so that you can expect the maximum benefit from the herb. Lobelia is commonly used in a lot of products that are help to stop smoking. Combine with Mullein to maximize the respiratory help

As I state in the video, this herb has emetic properties and will cause vomiting in higher amounts.However, do not be alarmed, take smaller amounts until you no longer have that effect.. It has commonly been called, pukeweed, asthma weed, vomit wort, Gagroot, emetic herb, and Wild Tobacco.
This video is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any illness, please see your physician for medical advice.

Source: Making a vinegar tincture (Lobelia) Quitting smoking

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