Title: Halitosis and Bad Breath Part 3 Treatment

Dr. Anthony Dailley discuses in Part 3 The two major medications or tools that have worked best for him in treating Halitosis and Bad Breath. He covers how they work and why they stand out in comparison to other approaches.


So the question is how do we go about treating this? We have some products, a couple of our very popular products and more effective products we have are called Salese and Dentiva. And these products have proven to be excellent. Their excellent, and for a number of reasons, one of them is the longevity. When someone has a dry mouth issue, the problem with it is, most products out there are very short acting. And in our experience, with most product you can buy in the drugstore is, they just plain are not effective at all. So the Salese is probably the flagship of products we use for dry mouth and it lasts anywhere from four to six hours. We’ve had patients tell us they have had it last in excess of eight hours. It does a number of things, it will stimulate saliva flow. it does affect the volatile sulfur compounds so does absorb them to some extent. and another beautiful thing about it is it has the effect of countering the bacteria. So there are some anti-bacterial properties. The Dentiva product is very similar to that but it doesn’t have the saliva stimulant properties that the Salese has. But these are the top, if you want to call them, sellers in our practice. Patients keep coming back to these time and time again so we have been very happy with those. I just attended an oral medicine lecture a couple months ago and one of the subjects that came up in that lecture was the subject of xerostomia or the dry mouth syndrome. And during that lecture the speaker started to discuss some of the different causes of it which we were familiar with it already. But they were going to talk about what they felt with the best products for treating this and when the slide came up low and behold there was the Salese and the Dentiva up there so we were pretty pleased that we both came to the same conclusion independently on that. So touching on the dry mouth subject one thing that I left out earlier is that we oftentimes see people contributing to their dry mouth condition and probably the biggest culprit of that is some of these mouth rinses you see out there in the stores. many of them have very high levels of alcohol. So these have actually produced some pretty dramatic changes in the flora of the mouth and the dry mouth issues that results in the evaporation of these odors. So the Salese and the Dentiva here are the products that I’ve been very happy with. Dentiva has a certain level of saliva stimulation in it that will help some of the milder cases of dry mouth. But when we get into our patients that have the more severe kinds of problems this is where the Salese will come in. So it has a better benefit in that department, both of them have the same anti-bacterial properties and the same ability to absorb the volatile sulfur compounds. So I think overall though one of the biggest attributes is the longevity. I haven’t found a product out there yet that can last that long. One of the biggest complaints we get from people with dry mouth is the products that are out there are very very short acting, so they are constantly having to pop things into their mouth. So the Dentiva and the Salese really satisfied that area and we have been very pleased with it.


Source: Title: Halitosis and Bad Breath Part 3 Treatment

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