How To Quit Smoking – When You Are Surrounded By Smokers

Within any group of smokers there will be one person who bites the bullet and quits first. Being surrounded by smokers can be quite a challenge. The decision to finally quit can be hard enough but having to return to your smoking friends can only make it a whole lot harder.

The act of quitting using hypnosis is no harder or easier if you are part of a group, but it’s important for your therapist to know about your friends so that they can include suggestions about being able to remain a no smoker even if you are surrounded by smokers and even if they were to blow smoke in your face.

You need to be aware that some of your friends will support you. They are most likely waiting to see how you go before following in your steps.

Other friends will make it tricky by giving you a hard time, teasing you with cigarettes, this will be annoying but just hold true to your determination to be a non smoker.

A small number of people in your life will actively try and sabotage you. They may see your success as their failure. They will want to try and bring you back to the group. Beware of these people, they do not have your interests in mind.

After quitting you will become all too aware that you are different. If you want to keep socialising you will have to be prepared to be in the smoking areas at bars etc.

Initially this may be tricky and you will need to ask for their support, if you choose to remain in the bar or restaurant.

This request of support will quickly sort out the true friends from just the smoking buddies. Often the only bond smokers have is cigarettes, and when that bond is broken they realise they don’t actually anything in common.

Once you have gotten over the initial period it may be important that you return to some of your old social habits. Drinks after work in the smoking area may just be a part of your life as a non smoker.

Being surrounded by smokers will certainly be a big test but once you pass you will be able to survive any test of your resolve.

Living with smokers is just as hard. If they smoke outside it won’t be too hard but if they are inside you will find that you become sensitive to the smoke. It will stink, it will be on your hair and clothes, you won’t be happy about the air of your home being filled with smoke.

You quit for your health, you don’t need passive smoking to keep your risks alive.

Coming to an agreement about indoor smoking will help greatly, but otherwise you may have to make a firm decision about your future residence.

How To Quit Smoking – When You Are Surrounded By Smokers by Ian Newton

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