How To Forget Cigarette Smoking

There is a way to forget and wean from smoking cigarettes painlessly and costs almost nothing. Go to your pantry and look for a white vinegar. Also go to your bathroom and pick your favorite toothpaste. I prefer the sweet Colgate toothpaste.

The key to forget smoking (even if you don’t want to quit) is by doing a general and thorough clean-up of one’s taste buds and mouth walls.

That’s right – Clean your mouth immaculately! It is filled with garbage called cigarette or tobacco tars (the color tainter of the tip of a smoker’s thumb and forefinger) that further cause bad odor mouth emission. They are the culprits (and the poison in fact) that induce a smoker to salivate to light up when seeing another smoking or smells cigarette smoke.

The smoker is like an addicted ice cream consumer that makes a person fatter and fatter (another curse of affluence) whose mouth walls and taste buds are like motels for rotten ice cream residues and cause a person also to salivate when seeing someone eats ice cream.

Do yourself a favor after reading this article and it will induce you to forget smoking even if you don’t want to quit because, at least, you have given your mouth a break from that cancer causing tar and rotten ice cream residues.

They progressively rout your throat or lungs for some months or years now without knowing or else it would be too late and incurable when you start feeling “feverish” or unusually weak to get up one morning from a budding cancer pain or an onset of diabetes that is caused by the destruction of your pancreas due to smoking.

Fill up to 1/3 of a regular drinking glass with vinegar and dilute it with water within your level of tolerance. Use up successively in one session the whole quantity of the vinegar to gargle the mouth. If you are curious, catch the gargled vinegar in another crystal clear glass and see how much blacken tars and other particles have been dislodged that have been comfortably residing in your taste buds and mouth walls for so many months or years.

Follow through with water gargle as much as you wish to wring out any remaining tars or rotten ice cream residue, as the case may be. Thereafter, promptly squeeze out an inch of toothpaste and use it to gargle with water. Do this at least twice successively after the vinegar gargle. In the next two days, do this toothpaste gargle twice a day – with no more vinegar – once after breakfast and before going to bed. On the third day and every 4 or 5 days thereafter, do the toothpaste gargle once a week. If at any time you feel like smoking or have an unusual taste in your mouth, gargle or drink water instead of lighting another stick of cigarette. Do not re-infect your immaculately cleaned food portal or else you will get a relapse in your addictions. If you smoke again, you will become like a defeated coward warrior. Are you?

After two weeks doing the toothpaste gargles, you will end up hating the smell or smoke of cigarettes – GUARANTEED. Question: Why smoke when you now hate the taste or smell of cigarette? This is how I accidentally forgot and quit smoking. Accidentally because all I wanted for gargling vinegar and toothpaste was to sweeten my breath instead of covering it with oral deodorants.

Do yourself and your love ones an additional favor with the following:

No if’s and but’s – >

Throw away; empty your pocket; do not keep within your reach, any pack or stick of cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays. Disable the cigarette lighter; thoroughly clean the ashtray; spray deodorant to remove cigarette odor, in your vehicle. Keep a bottle of drinking water handy in the car or handbag. When the urge to smoke comes up, simply drink water. Do not allow anyone to smoke inside your car. If you are a musician, avoid playing with a mouthpieced musical instrument like the saxophone or harmonica. Do what a non-smoker does.

Don’t be a slave to cigarettes.

Beware: According to statistics, smoking a stick of cigarette can shorten a person’s life by eleven minutes. That’s around 3-1/2 hours loss of life expectancy for smoking every regular pack, or 5-1/2 hours for every long size pack, of cigarettes. Sickly children are often caused by a cigarette smoker in the family. Do them a favour. QUIT SMOKING. Consult your doctor before using this plan.

How To Forget Cigarette Smoking by Marlowe Camello

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