How To Quit Smoking | How To Eliminate Cravings And Urges

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So you may be wondering how do I quit smoking? Just as any other addiction, you need to address the desire. Smoking isn’t only a habit but is an addiction to chemicals. Most smokers smoke because it is fulfilling a need. It is doing something for you. It may be relieving stress and anxiety or it may be boosting self-esteem.

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The truth is that these things actually worsen the more one smokes. It feeds stress, anxiety, depression and irritability. There is an emotional payoff though that is often more important than any potential risks for smokers.

Smoking makes the addict think that the benefits of smoking far outweigh the negative consequences. But this is false. Toxic learning is a term described by how any addictive substance makes the user overvalue drugs and diminish the perceieved negative consequences of using.

Smoking is the same way. It alters perception of the benefits over the losses.

To smokers, smoking becomes a part of their life, just as eating and drinking does. It is an everyday activity that activates the limbic reward center of the brain. This is the part of the brain that helps us to survive.

This is why the brain sends messages telling the user that they need to smoke, just as when they need to eat. It is harmful because these are really false messages that have been continually strengthened.

Some of the best methods to overcome smoking are research-guided and focus on the desire of smoking, not so much the behaviors. This is where most success comes from.

Smoking is naturally a compulsive behavior too. When you can’t get your smoke or when you have gone some time without it, you ruminate on obtaining it.

Intense cravings and urges often follow. Thoughts of smoking will come into your mind and continually interrupt your natural thinking patterns.

These states are only eliminated by giving in…

Most addicts when trying to quit will react in a panic when they feel a craving or urge for their drug of choice. It is the same with smokers.

Smokers need to know how to react to these urges and cravings. Resesarch has continually shown that urges, cravings and thoughts actually increase when you try to suppress them, fight them or avoid them.

This is what most people do…

Instead of trying to supress of fight these urges and cravings on their own terms, use a different approach. Use a method called urges surfing which holds that you are an observer of your own thought processes and thaty you can just stand back and watch without acting in a panic.

Just watch the urge as it builds up and then passes. That is a great way to deal with those urges and intrusive thoughts. This is a practice that rewires the brain out of habit loops because you are learning to react differently to those thoughts to smoke than you did in the past.

Having a correct understand of urges as false messages can be of great help and can help you to realize that you do not have to act in a confronting manner. Only observe and they will pass.

The best way to quit smoking is often lesser-known techniques that address the thoughts and desires of smoking. This is the cause of cravings and urges to smoke. The best ways to quit smoking can be done at home and you can take it with you wherever you go. If you want to know how to quit smoking cigarettes or how to quit any other addiction. The Truth Of Addiction may be for you.

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