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These are just a few of the happy people that have gone through the Quit Stop Now Smoking Program. Each offers their take on how EASY it was to quit smoking thanks to the program and all that it brought to the table. They also talk about how they feel being free from smoking, thanks to QSN Health.


The Quit Stop Now Smoking Program is a 30 day program that is a natural, nicotine free, alternative to stopping smoking. Emerging as a new age way to quit smoking in Australia, it is being raved about as an EASY way to quit smoking. To help make the product, experts in Pharmacy, Nutrition, Exercise, Motivation, Addiction, Naturopathy and Wellness have all helped put together the nicotine free Quit Stop Now Smoking Program.

The 30 Day Quit Stop Now Stop Smoking Program consists of:

• QSN Tablets (which you take as per the instructions provided)
• Support (email program to help you) – Buddy (Someone to support you on the Program)
• Webinar (4 weekly webinars with our Expert)

As we want to help ALL smokers who want to stop smoking, we use technology and the Internet to help us supply and distribute our program on a worldwide basis to our clients.

We also include Indigenous Australian Ingredients in the QSN™ Tablets, known for their high levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, as we wish to support the Australian Native Foods Industry and the local Indigenous communities who wild harvest the ingredients.

Good luck with your stop smoking journey!


DISCLAIMER: This program has been effective for these people and may work for you under similar circumstances but we give no guarantee.

Source: Quit Smoking Program | Quit Stop Now Testimonials

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