Australia keeps 4000 cig chemicals changes cigarette packs pic hahaha

Australia has become the first country in the world to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes. but nobody mentioned the 4000 lb gorilla in the smoke room ? The Australia’s Health Minister Tanya Plibersek never said the 1000s of chemicals are the real issue and has never told the country , and not one media representative has held her to account . Anne Jones of the anti-smoking group Ash (Action on Smoking and Health) never tells anyone about the 4000 chemicals in tobacco products she just repeats the same lines as Australia’s Health Minister Tanya Plibersek . This should frighten you .

Becky Freeman, a public health researcher at Sydney University never told people , British American Tobacco, Scott McIntyre never mentions 4000 chemicals how come ? Tom Miles in GENEVA n Jane Wardell of Reuters or Editor Ron Popeski never mentioned it , how strange 3 reuters journalist can,t tell you why cig need 4000 chemicals or even warn people yet they claim they are journalist that they have integrity .
It discredits everything they have ever said or will ever say ,the Cancer Council of Australia is stupid also or incredibly evil not to tell people cigarettes don,t give you cancer the 4000 chemicals added to the cig gives everyone around you cancer . How could they not know , how is that possible ?
Then that means they all deceived you and their loved ones , it means these people are monsters hiding the evils of 4000 chemicals to get a pay check . Britain, France, Norway, India and New Zealand are about to do the same thing , and they refuse to tell people about the 4000 chemicals they continue to blame tobacco . They will let million die because nicotine pills will never stop anyone from smoking unless they include the 4000 chemicals .

Why is it i can find 1000s of peer review studies and even the people who peer review it fail to mention 4000 chemicals , why is this so hard to understand , get rid of the 4000 chemicals and the cigarettes are harmless , its that simple !

Send all nobel prizes to my assistant i,m too bust doing interviews because i cure millions of people from cancer by eliminating 4000 chemical . PS: I,ll take the million dollar check and start a company that sells cigarettes with out the 4000 chemicals .

Imperial Tobacco and British American Tobacco (BAT) Tobacco Coalition coordinator Stafford Sanders Cancer Council Victoria Phillip Morris

Source: Australia keeps 4000 cig chemicals changes cigarette packs pic hahaha

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