To Every Generic Men's Lifestyle YouTube Channel

Every single men’s lifestyle channel copies each other. There are 3 channels where it makes complete sense for them to do so, Alpha M, Teaching Mens Fashion, and Real Men Real Style. For these guys, they’ve been doing it for many many years and have amassed such a following that it just makes complete business sense to stick with what works and give people what they’re there for, videos about style. But the problem is there are literally thousands of other channels that just copy them. They seem to think that if they put up a gray background and make the same videos about how to get abs like Alpha M is that they will grow their channels like he has, but it doesn’t work that way at all. Be different and be you!

The second problem is the fact that while all of them are copying each other and making the same videos like how to text a girl or how to get abs in five minutes, there is a creator by the name of Joana Ceddia who grew her channel from zero to 1.2 million subscribers in 3 months (and no, she didn’t buy her subs). How? By being herself and taking YouTube back to its roots of being a young slightly awkward 17 year old girl that a lot of people can identify with. No one wants to watch someone who’s condescending and talking down to them.

The last problem is sponsored videos, but sponsored videos aren’t the problem. The problem is a lot of channels try and sell me expensive things that they wouldn’t buy if they got it for free. Choose your sponsorships based on what your audience would actually purchase, don’t do it for a quick dollar.


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