Goji Berries Health Benefits

Goji Berries Health Benefits

Classified as a ‘superfruit ’, goji berries date back to the early days of Chinese medicine. Many famous people including celebrities like Madonna and Miranda Kerr are known to incorporate this tiny scrunched up fruit in their diet for its health benefits.
Goji berries are one of the most nutritionally dense fruits available on Earth. Native to the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet, goji berries are grown in several other countries as well. Though they are relatively new to the Western countries, goji berries have been around for thousands of years in Tibet and China, both as a culinary ingredient and medicinally. Goji berries have a natural tinge of sweetness and a very slight herb like aftertaste. It contains tiny seeds which imparts a very nice texture to your meals.

This amazing little superfruit contain all essential amino acids, contains natural anti-fungal compounds, it’s anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and also they have the highest concentration of protein of any fruit. They come loaded with vitamin C and contain more carotenoids than any other food. Goji berries supply twenty-one trace minerals, and are high in fiber. They contain 15 times the amount of iron found in spinach. They are also good sources of zinc, calcium, selenium and many important trace minerals.

This humble goji berry is a nutritional powerhouse. The powerful antioxidant properties of goji berries and their polysaccharide [pol-ee-sak-uh-rahyd] content are helpful in boosting the immune system, improving brain function and increasing life expectancy. In traditional Chinese medicine, goji berries are reputed for increasing strength and longevity, though many claims pertaining to goji berries lack quality scientific study.
It is also said to be effective on Kidney and Liver meridians and heals lower back pain, dizziness and improves eyesight. In China it is most commonly consumed raw, or made into tea. It is also often used as an ingredient in soups.

There are several ways you can enjoy goji berries. You can have them raw or soak them in water before munching. You can also enjoy goji berries in your smoothies, salads, yogurts or as a garnish on cereals. Goji berries can be baked, steamed, cooked or processed in any way after they are washed. You can easily find goji berries at many health food and specialty stores. They are most commonly sold dried and are also available as goji berry juice or an extract.
Goji berries are low in calories, fat free and comes packed with fiber, which is a big plus for people looking at ways to cut down their belly fat. Goji berries are loaded with beta-carotene which is effective in promoting healthy skin. Goji berries are a little pricy. 500gms of dried goji berries will cost you about $15 to $20. But these prices vary based on whether they are naturally sourced, organic or are combined with other ingredients.

As a word of caution, the goji berry isn’t for everyone. People who are taking blood thinners or are on diabetic medication may experience negative reaction and so should avoid eating the goji berry. Should you have any doubt, consult your doctor.

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