The Best Grooming Tools On The Market | Alpha M. Grooming Awards 2015

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In this video men’s style, grooming and fitness expert, Aaron Marino of, goes over his favorite grooming tools of 2015. These are the best of the best. This is the first annual Alpha M. Grooming Awards. In this video we will cover the best facial hair grooming tool, the best back hair removal tool, best nose hair trimmer, best hair clippers and the best tweezers and finger nail clippers.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. has tried, test, and bought thousands of grooming products. These grooming tools are simply his favorites.
Norelco QT4050 – he has tried a ton and nothing comes close to the fine precision and craftsmanship of this Norelco. And get this- it’s the ‘cheap’ one! If you want the perfect designer stubble or manscaper, this is your tool.

baKblade – for back hair removal, there is nothing better on the market. It can be used dry too.

Wahl Styler- for cutting your own hair if you are brave enough! If you buy quality (and this is quality), the tool will last!

Zamberg Clippers and Tweezers – the tweezers are sharp and precise, and the clippers are amazing. You get what you pay for – this set is made of German steel.

Remington NE3250 – it has two little blades that don’t cut you. It’s easy and quick to use as well as inexpensive.

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